Weekly Blender Roundup

27 January 2018 (#3):

Tutorial video of the week:

I really like the concept of this tutorial. It teaches you the basic concepts of blender within one minute. No long intro, No fluff. It should just remove the weird text to speech voice and replace it with an actual human voice.

Theory video I like:

Learn how mood is created by different styles of lighting. Remember all of this techniques also apply to blender.

Cool addon to watch out for:

Sculptors Toolbox – Ultimate Brushes by Jim Morren

The product a collection of brushes for sculpting. All types of brushes are there.

Core brushes for day to day work. Skin brushes to add finite details.

The amount of value you get in this product is immense. Just visit the product page for detailed descriptions and quick gifs for each feature.

Weekly Book recommendation:

Don’t make me think by Steve Krug

The crux of this book is simple. Keep it simple. Giving multiple options to the user just for the sake of it confuses the user.

Learn how an average person thinks when browsing a web page.

Though this book is for UI design, the principles can be applied anywhere including in blender.

Weekly Freelancing tip:

Writing a proposal:

Clear communication. Simple words. Keep your sentences concise and use active voice wherever possible. Keep your proposal concise too.

Paragraphs should not extend beyond three lines. Do not add unimportant info.

Ask yourself, if you delete this line, would the proposal still make sense? If it does, then delete it.

Quote from a book I am reading:

“It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen. Truth is, young, creative minds don’t need more ideas, they need to take more responsibility with the ideas they’ve already got” – Tools of Titans

Funny Blender post of the week: