Weekly Blender Roundup

17 February 2018 (#6)

Tutorial video of the week:

A new feature is added in the experimental build of 2.79.2 which vastly improves Subsurface scattering.

A new mode is there in the shader called random walk. Seeing the comparison at 1:20 blew my mind.

Theory video I like:

Audio is 50% of the appeal in a short film. It is even more so in animation. You can compromise on visuals but not on audio.

However, you do not need all of the expensive mics shown in the video. A cheap USB mic (I use Samson go mic) will be vastly superior than your cellphone mic. It is enough for a single person in animation as we do not need to shoot outdoors or record more than one people.

It also emphasizes on foley. The sound effects you hear massively add appeal to your video. If you are going to show your character walking, be sure to add proper sound effects as well.

Cool addon to watch out for:

Texturing In Blender For Beginners

Rendering skin is the hardest thing for me. I really like how the end result looks.

Learning the principles of material creation and texturing models will set you miles ahead from other blender users.

This is a benefit of a course. Usually all these information is available for free on the internet. But to know what to search and search it will take you a long time. Even more time will be spent in learning it.

Once you start earning money, you will value your time much more than money. Courses save time but come at a price. You win some, you lose some.

Weekly Book recommendation:

The Elements of Style – Strunk and White

Irrespective of the field you are in, you should know the basics of writing. It will help you in every stage of your life. This is a timeless classic for people in journalism and copywriting. We can use the same basics for writing a proposal, asking for help online etc. Some points from the book.

  • Omit needless words.
  • Make the paragraph a unit of composition, one paragraph to each topic.
  • Make definite assertions. Avoid hesitating, non-committal language.

Weekly Freelancing tip:

I have written an article about my experience while freelancing with blender. It contains many of the things I have discussed here in these roundups along with new information. I consider it as a work in progress as I intend to add more information in the future.

Freelancing with blender: What I learned from my experiences.

Quote from a book I am reading:

“Macro patience, micro speed. They should not care about the next eight years, but they should stress the next eight days.” – Gary Vaynerchuk, Tribe of mentors

Funny Blender post of the week:

It’s going to be awesome.