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I make and specialize in these following types of animation.
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3D Animation

We have our 4 years of experience in Hard surface non-character 3D animation. This type of animation cost the most due to the long production time and complexity.

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Cutout Animation

These animation videos are the most popular among people as they have a quick workaround time and costs less than the former. Cutout animation is used by most companies as they appeal the target audience of cartoon watchers (18-35) the most.

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Motion Graphics

From Kinetic Typography to Explainer videos. We can help you realize your vision and turn your ideas into a reality. Motion Design is usually used by small startup companies as marketing videos. They are used as they provide a quirky way to deliver information in a short amount of time.


I offer cutting edge animation and our clients have always been satisfied with our work.
I will help you to convert your ideas into reality.

Hi, I am Vikrant Jadhav. We are currently established in the Tourist Resort of Wai in Maharashtra. I have our 4 years of experience in this industry and have worked in various domestic as well as international projects spread over 4 continents.

We offer a variety of services including but not limited to 3D Animation, 2D Cutout Animation, Motion Design, Explainer videos and Marketing video services. We also offer services related to these previous services such as 3D Modeling, Visual Development, Animatic Creation, 2D/3D Infographics and much more.

There was never a customer who was dissatisfied with our work. Our work is both High quality and Affordable to customers. We always update our knowledge to keep up with the current world.


Our wonderful customers are the reason I am in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

Do you want to learn the basics of storyboarding through an infographic?


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